Visit of the heritage in electric ATV in Payzac

Visit of the heritage in electric ATV in Payzac

VTT électrique en Périgord-Limousin

5 to 12 people


Hike with a guide
1 PERSON 45€
1 PICNIC 0€ + 10€ to pay on the spot
1 PAPER MILLS VISIT 0€ + 5,50 €/ person + 10€ to pay on the spot (instead of 7€)
1 FORGE VISIT 0€ + 5 €/ perso + 10€ to pay on the spot (instead of 6€)
1 FORGE + PAPER MILLS VISIT 0€ + 10,50 €/ person + 10€ to pay on the spot


Special hike to discovery of the Savignac Lèdrier Forge, the Vaux Paper Mills, and the Rouffiac body of water:

  • 3 hours minimum hike
  • 1 hour picnic
  • If visiting: 1 hour for the stationary, 1 hour for the forge

How it works

  • Rouffiac body of water meeting place
  • ATV handling
  • Initiation to the basic techniques on the Bike Park
  • Hike going at your pace, discovery of the forges, the paper mills, in total immersion within the forests of the Périgord Vert


  • Accompaniment by a certified monitor (member of the Syndicat des Moniteurs Cyclistes Français)
  • Click here to visit the MCF website
  • Helmets
  • Water bottles
  • ATV model 2019 Giant Fathom E+3 and E+ Junior for younger people

Good to know

  • From 1m35 (4'4'')
  • The participant must ensure that they master the fundamentals of cycling: balance, pedaling, breaking. Moderate physical expenditure thanks to the electric assistance
  • Circuits adapted to the demand and level of the participants


FATHOM E+3 2019 Model

  • There is no movement without pedaling, however multiple modes of assistance will help support your efforts thanks to a central electric motor, positionned close the gear wheels.
  • Therfore, it is easier to go uphill. With less breathlessness, there is less acceleration of the heartbeat; everything becomes more comfortable.

Pros of the GIANT FATHOM E+3 ATVs:

  • The central electric motor doesn't unbalance the bike, which keeps good crossing capabilities. Furthermore, the suspensions and disc breaks add comfort and safety when going downhill.

I'm not very sporty.

Are you sure I can try? YES!

  • With a moderate physical expenditure, the electric assistance which strongly supports your efforts, allow you to take in the landscape without that "delicious" feeling of your legs being about to burst.

Meeting place

Plan d'eau de Rouffiac
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